Heartbeat – tells the compelling tale about a young girl- in her homeland Nigeria – as she strives to achieve her dreams, while dealing with the loss of her mother and constraints of the society she lives in.

Essentially, the musical, Heartbeat is about making the choice to survive even when circumstances seek to suggest otherwise. Following the showcase in 2009, this Launch version, directed by Tosan Edremoda-Ugbeye, sets the play in the 1960’s/early 1970s, seamlessly expounds the themes of the musical to make them resonate even more so in present day. The music – all original – can be described as universal, timeless, eclectic with a memorable range of original songs from highlife to classical to lyrical poetry to a contemporary African sound. This wholly original, homegrown musical creates an engaging and captivating piece which seeks to spearhead a long running production – as well as to enable a sustainable model for theatre, and a platform for performing artists, musicians, dancers, singers and practitioners alike.


‘For anyone whose ever had a dream, or ever had to struggle, or ever needed a reason to hope – Heartbeat is for you.

It is about making the choice for what is right, even when everything is pointing one way – it is about making a stand for those things that will heal, that will build, that will last forever.

In a time when there’s such a battle for our minds, Heartbeat tells a story – which is a universal one – that as long as we still have this blood running through our veins, and as long as we can still hear the beat - we can still hope – that things will get better.’